Some of my friends and family kind of got upset by the jokes I made at my own expense in yesterday's post. They thought I was trashing myself and got a little defensive for me, just as they would if some big, mean bully were saying not nice things about me. So, just in case any of you other lovely readers felt bad or got the urge to rush to my defense, let me set your minds at ease. 

Well, first, let me just say, um...I AM fat and single and spend 80% of my time alone with only myself to talk to. Them's just the facts. Good, bad or indifferent. I know some SAHM's who probably think I'm living the dream (#imnot) and other people that think I'm among those most to be pitied (#itsnotthatbad), but the reality is, it just is what it is, or at least, it is what it has been up to this point. 

Every day those realities are there and are something I have to deal with as best I can. On a good day, I lean into God, take steps towards being the best me I can, and sing a lot. Some days, I admit, it is hard and I wind up throwing myself a kick-ass pity party. Other days, I'm having too much fun to care. But, every day, I have to figure out a way to deal. When life gets hard, my mom sometimes says "You can either laugh or cry..." and yesterday, I chose to laugh. Those jokes weren't veiled self-pity or attempts to fish for assurances or compliments; there was no pang in my chest or tears to choke back as I wrote them. They were jokes, plain and simple...jokes based on difficult and, at times, painful realities about my life, but, jokes, just the same. So, as I told my friends and family, #calmdown. I'm ok...and no nachos were consumed in the writing of yesterday's post, or afterwards.

To those same friends and family who did get upset with/for me...I love that you love me that much.