Day 10: #lovelyday

Truth be told, I spent the better part of the morning playing the role of Ms. Grumpypants...but, I got better. :)

How could I not on what was such a glorious, sunshiny, bright, breezy and downright lovely day?

In fact, I pretty much kept the song "Lovely Day" on repeat for the latter half of the morning. It's good for what ails ya. Trust me.

So is time with family, which is exactly how I spent the last half of the day. I watched my two youngest nephews play in the back of my dad's truck and visit with the neighbors and play in a sprinkler and just generally be two of the cutest buddies ever.

Oh, and as an added bonus and extra dose of red, my neices and I went to one of the most fabulous places on Gods green earth: Target. 

But, I still took my obligatory #30daysofred selfie... #yourewelcome ;)

Day 10 ended with my girlies sleeping over and watching Charlotte's Web. Though, as I type this, we have only seen Charlotte weave two words and they are already asleep. 

Some people just can't hang. ;)

So, all in all it wasn't an overly red day and it wasn't a very silly day, but, it was definitely a lovely day. 

I'll take it!