Day 22: #weirdwednesday

Good Evening, you lovely people, you !

Thank you for stopping by, again. It means the world that you would take even just a couple minutes to read the silliness I post here. AND shows that you, clearly, have great taste in blogs. ;)

So, today is Wednesday. Wednesdays are usually fun because the ladies at my job all wear matching colors and take a photo together and laugh a bit. But, the ladies picked fuschia this time, which, if I were a completely trendy person I probably could have made work with the whole red thing...but I'm not. 

So, I didn't. 

And, that meant (gasp) I had to wear a more burgandy/merlot colored lipstick today, instead of my usual blood red.


The horror.

But, that wasn't the only weird thing about today. 

First of all, I woke up T-I-R-E-D. I'd been up late the night before getting my apartment as photo-ready as I could in one evening ...I'll spare you the why (If you want to believe House Beautiful was coming by, feel free). But, as I mentioned in a previous post, I'd been crazy busy the previous two weeks, so, suffice it to say, the job required a bit more than a light dusting and fluffing of the pillows.

As I cleaned, I had an old show playing in the background which featured my favorite forensic pathologist (yes, I have a favorite forensic pathologist #imweird), Dr. Michael Baden. The show was called "Autopsy." Long ago, when I was in college and no one had cell phones and computers used floppy disks, this shoe ran on HBO as a regular series. I made my parents record it...on their VCR (#imold)...for me because I didn't get HBO in the dorms.  

Let me just say this: People. Are. Strange. And. Scary. 

And engrossing. 

I couldn't stop watching, which meant I stayed up later than I needed to.

Which also meant I had really weird dreams that woke me up in the middle of the night.

Which then meant it was really hard to wake up and, basically threw off my whole morning. 

But, because I'm a "roll with the punches" kinda gal, I decided to throw routine to the wind and do everything different. That meant, instead of having quiet time with coffee at the kitchen table, I, um, had it with water, uh, else.

Sometimes, I share too much.
Instead of going for a walk, I changed the sheets on my bed,which, I promise, burns just about as many calories...and is far more likely to cause injury (I stub my toe EVERY time!) and bad words (see previous comment regarding stubbed toes.)

I also, for reasons that are still a mystery to me, left for work with about 6 mason jars full of food. I guess I thought the weirdness was going to make me super hungry?!?

(Author's note: This different routine was NOT, I repeat NOT because I slept too long and was feeling lazy. Not.)

I also did something else a bit different...

Can you guess what it is?

No, it's not the different lip color.

No, it's not that my skin looks like pure alabaster. But, thank you for saying so.

Keep guessing.


 Nope. I haven't lost weight.

But, you're now, officially, my favorite person.

Here, I'll give you a hint.


Wow, this is getting weird...and painful.

Do you see it?

Did you guess, yet?

No, I didn't get pink eye.

It's so obvious!

Here, let me give you one more hint.

This is me, yesterday, at "done o'clock."

And this is me on this very Weird Wednesday.

If you guessed "She parted her hair on the other side" YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!

If you are feeling jipped and like this is 10 minutes of your life you'll never get back, well, all I can say is...

You're also right.

But, think on this, if you'll indulge me another minute...

Parting my hair on the opposite side was the highlight of my day.

Well, that and this little pina colada yogurt parfait I made for a snack.

This. Was. Amazing.

I ate it and pretended I was in Hawaii. Not that I've ever been to Hawaii, mind you. As a result, all my imagination could conjure up was Biloxi but with blue water instead of brown.


Don't I look all relaxed and tan?

I didn't think so.

Oh, well. Stay tuned for my next installment where I'll share how I did something wide and crazy like...only cleaning my lint trap every OTHER day.


Heidi Post said...

lol, I did think that your hair was looking good. does that count? your yogurt parfait looks yummy too :)

also, this robot proof is ridiculous I'll probably have to try 15 times to post this comment!