Day 7: #busy OR "I need a manicure"

The past few days have been full-to-overflowing! My brother, his love and my unborn nephew were in town for a few days, so that was sweet. We took the opportunity to throw them a baby shower. It all went off beautifully. Everyone pitched in, did their part, and, most importantly when it comes to large family gatherings, behaved themselves. ;)

They left yesterday to go back to where they are currently living with a u-haul truck full of love and baby necessities...and a chunk of our hearts.

Baby Shower fun!

Between the baby shower prep/party/recovery and Mother's Day hoopla, I haven't really had time to think about me and the whole #30daysofred thing. But, I really enjoyed all of the things I got to do to bless my family...and I did manage to clean my house. Granted, that is a chore and work, but I love, love, love a clean house. It's like a big, happy sigh when I get home from work and makes me feel like I could have someone over at a moment's notice, which also makes me very happy.

After the full weekend and a migraine vacation day Monday, I'm back to the red today! As with any good day, the prep for it began the night before. I took an hour and prepped 3 days worth of lunches, chock full of colorful, healing veggies. Having meals ready to grab and go also makes me happy. I even planned my outfit to accommodate red lipstick today.


But, I definitely need a manicure tonight.