On Wednesdays We Wear...NOT Red

About a month ago, the ladies in our office decided to have a girls day. We all wore pink and ordered out for lunch and just generally enjoyed our special little day. It was so much fun that we decided to make it a weekly thing. Each week, we pick a different color to sport on Girl's Day and comment on which one of us looks best in that week's hue. It's a small and silly thing, but we've all really enjoyed it.


This week's color was, not red, but Green. Were it any other color but green, I could have thrown a lot of red in and probably just looked edgy and hip at best or quirky and possibly color blind at worst. However, since I didn't want to look like I was celebrating Christmas in July two months early, I limited today's red to just my nails and slapped on a fresh coat.

Day 2: Not much red. :(
Us Ladies (minus one) in GREEN...NOT Red.
Um...One MILLION dollars?

(Author's note: my absolute favorite red nail polish is Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry in Rapid Red. The color is perfect - not too warm, not too cool - it goes on smooth, dries super fast, is pretty shiny even without a top coat AND doesn't cost $10!)

While I admit I look pretty darn good in green, I was definitely missing the extra red. If ever there was a day I just felt like I needed the extra bounce, say, a red dress might put in my step, it was today. Last night, I got two bits of upsetting news/info, both of which hit close to home. I didn't sleep much and am ashamed to say I was pretty fretful most of that time. My morning didn't start off much better.
Then, while I was sitting in a drive-thru lane, I read this:

See that you are not alarmed...God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

If you're wondering what all this has to do with the whole 30 Days of Red thing...hang on. I have a point. I promise.

See, I'm a Christian. I cut my teeth in the faith at a Baptist church. I even sang in the choir. One of the songs we sang was called "Written in Red." It was a favorite of our congregation and our choir. The song title speaks to both Jesus' physical sacrifice at Calvary and the "red letters" in God's Word, the Bible. In most Bibles, at least back then, all of the words Jesus spoke were shown in red. This song links Jesus' act of mercy and His words of mercy as retold in Scripture...both "written in red".

So, bringing it back around for those of you playing at home...

Though I was not able to wear as much red as I thought I needed today, I got red just the same. See, that first verse up there? The one that says "See that you are not alarmed..." That comes from Matthew 24:6, which would be "written in red" in the Bible, because Jesus said it...over 2000 years ago and again today to me just when I needed it.

My heart catches in my throat when I think about the synchronicity and providence and care that took place in my car in the drive-thru lane as I pulled up my devotional for a quick something before work this morning. Not only were these words exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, but they were Jesus' words, and not only that but they were RED words on a day I had planned to wear red but had to wear green instead.

It may seem small and silly, but to this silly who felt like the world was conspiring against her joy this morning, that moment said: "Um, no it's really not...regardless of what color you're wearing."