Day 3: #thingsilove

...or "Hi, My name is Tina and I'm addicted to hashtags."

The past couple of days have been r-o-u-g-h and have really tested this whole "make my life happier with red" thing. Though, clearly, "red" doesn't solve all of life's problems, making a point to be intentional about being nice to myself and doing little silly things that make me happy have been helpful, especially right now when things are just harder than is reasonable.
That said, and since my mind is too full of stuff to compose a regular post, I thought I'd just list out some things that I love and that make me smile. The benefit to you, dear reader, is:  it will be a tad sillier than yesterday's post and it will take less time to read than my other rambling nonsense.

So, without further ado or explanation, here's the list (in no particular order):
  1. Red (#duh). It just makes me feel sassy and confident and prettier than I have a right to.
  2. My family. They're #thebombdotcom. Sure, they're loud and somewhat dysfunctional, and actually are kind of inbred (#thatshowtheyrollinthecountry), but, they're awesome.
  3. Mason jars. They're pretty perfect and one of the most versatile things I've ever bought in my life. They also make me feel homey and old-fashioned, which are good things in my book. #sorrynotsorrygloriasteinem
  4. Singing. I sing all the time. Well, not out loud as much at work, but in my head all day long. At home, I make up songs (usually operatic in nature) about what I'm doing. "I have to pee!" and "I have to wash the dishes, but I don't want to." are my favorites. #thatsnormalright?
  5. Facebook. It's my boyfriend. #truestory #whoelseamigoingtotellaboutmyday? #singlegirlproblems
  6. Hashtags. #clearly
  7. Coffee. I seldom get to finish a cup, but, I love the whole process of and every aspect of coffee. The smell! The sound of it brewing! The warmth on my hands as I hold the cup. The way the steam fogs up my glasses. The flavor. The memories of coffee with the ladies at my grandma's house. The way it warms all my insides. #noidontwanttomarrycoffee...anymore
  8. The Ridiculous. I love to laugh and the things that make me laugh the most tend to be of the goofball/#thatwouldneverhappeninreallife variety. Larry the Cucumber. Napoleon Dynamite. Nacho Libre. Drop Dead Fred. Joel Robinson. Jim Gaffigan. The guys from Top Gear (UK). The guys from Monty Python. Miranda Hart. They are quirky, silly, often fall or hurt themselves or generally make a mess of things, and keep me in stitches.
    Cracks. Me. Up. Everytime.
  9. Technology. Sometimes, I sing opera about that, too.
  10. Having people in my house and feeding them. Well, not "open big for the airplane" feeding them, but like making food for them to eat and feed themselves while we visit. It, again, makes me feel homey and womanly and, for a couple hours, it distracts my ovaries from asking me if they'll ever get to make a baby.
  11. The word "ovaries." Some people use curse words to feel all big and bad and rebellious and #psh "I don't care if I'm making other people uncomfortable." Me, I feel that way by talking about my ovaries like they are people and using the word as often as possible. #ovaries

On that note, my ovaries are telling me break time is over and I need to get back to work. They can be so bossy some times.
Ok, I'm done. Bye!

I lied! I thought of one more thing I love...

12. The really sweet people who bother to even read this nonsense!  For serious...Thanks!