Day 13: #moodswings

Emotions are fun, aren't they? Especially if you're a girl. They like to do all sorts of interesting things that, not only effect your mood but how you feel physically, how you relate to people, and what food you want to dive face first into eat. 

The most fun days are ones where our emotions decide to either get stubbornly stuck one a particularly unpleasant emotion or to rapid cycle through the full range of emotions in a very short period of time. #good times.

This morning was one of the "stuck on stupid" moments. 


Me - 7:30am: "We are not amused...and forgot our mascara."
Me 9am - "Ah, mascara. That feels at least 3% better."
(Author's note: A friend actually sent the mascara to me via a coworker! As a fellow fair-skinned girl, she knows #thestruggleisreal.)

Though I don't look it in the photo above, I was very grateful!

Me 10am: "Ok, Tina, shake it off."

Me - 10:05am: "Did that person really just ask me to do that?"

Me - 10:10am: "For Serious?"

Me - 10:45am: "Ok, I'm starting to get on my own last nerve now."

Me - 11:00am: "Could I go home 'ticked off'?
Could I get a doctor's note for that?"

Me - 11:30am: "Maybe enjoying a cold, refreshing beverage
from an adorable Mason Jar will help?"

Me - 11:45am: "Ahhhh."

Me - 11:50am: "That WAS refreshing!"

Me - Noon: "Ok, That's better."

(Author's Note: I did not actually take these photos in real time. I have a job that requires me to do actual work. I just took a few minutes of my lunch break to recreate some of the highlights from the morning for our mutual amusement. #yourewelcome.)