Day 8: #72selfies

The first time I realized the effect "red" had on me, well, things got a bit out of hand. I felt so good, so sassy, so easy-breezy-beautiful-Cover Girl, that I took about 72 selfies.

And, posted several.

Over the course of three days.

Feelin' good...
Oh. Dear.
I really need to get over myself.
"I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool."
I then issued a formal apology to all of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

But, I didn't really mean it. #fingerscrossed #sorrynotsorry

"I feel so good I wanna take 72 selfies" days are very few and far between for me...much to the relief of the internet. But, we all want that feeling, right? We all want to feel good in our own skin. We all want to not only be OK with who we are, but love who we our biggest fan, right? Not in an arrogant Kardashian kind of way, but as opposed to being our own harshest critic, and in a way that gives us the confidence to dream and go hard after those dreams.

I know it can't just be me.

So, here's wishing you 72 selfie days (whether you post them or not), days that feel like anything is possible, days of joy and sunshine, days full of green lights and open doors and long stretches of highway and twirling and singing and happy, sassy, red (or whatever your happy color is!)

Because...You're worth it!

I'm full of cosmetic slogans today. #thanksmarketingpeople

In closing, here is today's #30daysofred photo, with bonus strawberry.Um...cuz it's red and stuff.