Day 11: #beach

OR "Today's red brought to you by the letters S, U and N."

Me and the sun have never really been friends. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I love how it makes everything brighter and more vibrant and just generally happier looking. But, it doesn't love me. You see, the problem is, because my main goal in all of my clothing selections is covering as much flesh as possible, my skin doesn't really see the light of day much. As such, I'm practically transparent. So, when I do venture out in the daylight with some skin exposed, it immediately burns...generally skipping the whole 1st degree thing and going right to 2nd or 3rd. 

Also, because I am not often in the sun, when I do find myself basking in its warm glow, I make really bad decisions. For example, sitting out on a pier talking to my cousins for 3 hours with shorts on and no sunscreen. I was unable to wear pants for 2 weeks after that and cried whenever I had to sit down or get back up again for at least 4 days.

I wish I could say that was the first and last time I tempted the sun's rays in that foolish way, but no. 

For me, it's Expose flesh. Bake. Repeat, apparently.

Today was no exception. 

I decided to drive down to the beach with my niece. I actually did bring super strong sunscreen for her and applied it liberally. What's more, I actually did apply some for myself. But, apparently, I only applied it to the front of me. #imnotsmart

Laying on my front (where I applied sunscreen) exposing my back (where I didn't) to the sun.

I didn't realize that, of course, until I got home and saw this:

I'm pretty sure I could cook an egg on my back right now if I wanted to. Not that I would want to, because that would be gross. I'm just saying, the heat coming off that thing is...oh, you know what I mean.

Despite the self-inflicted injury, my niece and I had a wonderful time. She is quite the character and there were many quotables from the day. I'll share some to make up for the unappetizing egg reference above.

Me: which one would you pick: the ability to fly or breathe under water?
Mia: Flying. Because, then, I could fly to Macy's whenever I wanted to.

Me: We may have to go soon, I have to potty.
Mia: Just go in the water, act like you're playing, and just pee in there. I do it in Ma Ma's pool all the time.
Me (thinking I sounded sarcastic): Timia Jane! You are banned from the pool!
Then, she got upset and almost cried. I clearly need to work on my sarcasm skills.

She asked a lot of questions, like: how much does a vanity license plate cost, how does someone hack a bank account, and What I thought about when I was her age. You know, the usual.

I told her I thought about Barbies, being a mommy, singing and dancing.

Mia: Me too! We have a lot in common. Both our names start with "T". We both like red beans. And, we both love Ma Ma (my mom). Oh, and nail polish!" 

This girl right here. She has my heart.

...and keeps me laughing!

We connect on a very deep level, as you can tell. ;)

My two favorite quotables, though were:

Mia: I need to do my duty. (pause) Not pooing. I mean, like, work. #thanksforclarifying

Mia (sung to the tune of the song from Frozen): Do you want to get a snoball?!?!

She settled for an icee from the corner store instead so I would wouldn't be tempted and wind up with a migraine. Sweet girl.


So, though my "red" came in an unexpected and painful form, it was still a beautiful, joyful, silly day with my beautiful, joyful, silly niece... 

and her almost equally silly aunt.